Association & Non-Profit Member Engagement

There are tens of thousands of business associations and non-profits located all over the world - from industry support groups to fraternal organizations to cause-focused entities to Chambers of Commerce. Each relies on dues or contributions for their growth and for their very survival. Often, they find themselves in competition with other organizations for limited resources.

Because resources provided to any organization are a discretionary item for the member of donor, when conflicts of money or time arise, it's the organization that does the best job of meeting the needs and expectations of its members or donors that will be able to continue and grow. And because retention is the lifeblood of any association or non-profit organization, knowing what members and donors think is vital to long-term success.

BSI/InfoQuest® for Associations and Non-Profits utilizes the same methodology and processes that drive our other surveys to provide this critical "Voice Of feedback. The same survey approach, the same high response rates and the same attributable results. Collectively, it is the most efficient way to determine which support areas are meeting needs, and which ones are missing the mark.