Employee Satisfaction & Staff Engagement

BSI/InfoQuest® Employee & Staff surveys are a proven vehicle for identifying internal roadblocks to communication, productivity and healthy morale. Businesses suffering the costly effects of high turnover can isolate the reasons and stop the hemorrhaging. Even businesses that are running smoothly can improve their operation by listening to the "Voice Of feedback from employees and staff.

Although the delivery mechanism on employee satisfaction surveys differs from that used in a standard survey, the InfoQuest® survey box remains the driving force. Using our prescribed system, the average response rate will generally exceed 95%.

In situations of an employee or staff base that is primarily located in offices or have ready access to computers, email and the Internet the web-based InfoQuest® survey approach may be a good choice.

Employees and Staff who feel valued (the basis for engagement) will naturally value customers more. Customers who are valued spend more per average transaction and are more prepared to pay a premium; they churn less and you increase their wallet spend percentage (their total available spend) with you “ too.

Engaged staff are motivated and feel empowered to improve processes and procedures by cutting that which is non-value added, and they do this because they can, they possess that genuine sense of belonging that can only come from being valued. Engaged staff have less turnover and are more productive.